Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend – Sunday May 10th – but do you know where and when the holiday originated? Play along with our fun quiz below to show off your knowledge on all things Mother’s Day!

Welcome to your Mother's Day Quiz

In what country did Mother's Day originate?
1 out of 9
What year was Mother's Day first celebrated?
2 out of 9
What year did Mother's Day become an official holiday in the United States?
3 out of 9
When did Hallmark first start making Mother's Day Cards?
4 out of 9
More calls are made on Mother's Day than any other day of the year?
5 out of 9
Where does the word 'mom' originate from?
6 out of 9
There are over 9.8 million mother's in Canada.
7 out of 9
Canadians spend approximately $_________ celebrating Mother's Day.
8 out of 9
Who typically spends more on their mother's day gift?
9 out of 9
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